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Our Services

At Shieldsoft, we offer comprehensive solution required to; simplify your operation; secure your investment; and maintain your contact with clients. We ensure these through building for our clients, user-friendly, controlled and workable Accounting Systems, Websites and Cross-platform Software Applications. As part of our comprehensive solution, we offer all the gadgets needed to build and run modern and secured Point of Sale Systems.

Accounting System Implementation

We deploy any of the top three accounting software packages that suits your business processes and simplifies the accounting function of your business. Irrespective of your business industry, the complexity of your business processes, you are assured of the best, simplified and affordable modeling

Point of Sale Systems

With easy to use and affordable Point of Sale applications, we automate and simplify your retail point to a modern standard. We aim at offering you 100% control over your finances, Inventory and Investment as a whole on continuous basis through standard, concise and complete reporting functionality.

Point of Sale Gadgets

We don't only offer retail software, we also provide affordable and quality hardware in order to offer our clients' a complete and secured solution. If you currently have a software, we would help you upgrade the system with the hardware it requires. Our outfit is open to all POS implementers and other individuals to obtain receipt and label printers, Barcode Scanners, Cash Drawers, Touch Screen POS Computers, Customer Display Poles & Receipt Paper Rolls

Labeling Solution

Our labeling solution covers Product labeling, Barcode Designing and Generation, UPC Registration, Fixed Asset Coding and Labeling, Labeling using NFC and RFID tags. We offer project driving solution in this area of our services. We understand your project at hand, advice on the best technology and techniques to ensure our clients succeeds at the lowest cost possible We use the most durable and cheapest option of labeling materials on our projects. You can always rely on us for the best solution on labeling.


About Us

Founded in 2012, Shieldsoft Consult offers diverse IT solutions to all kinds of businesses ranging from small to large scale. We offer retail & accounting solutions; Web and Software development and all the hardware to complement these systems. With a team of IT and Accounting professionals, we lead Accounting and Point of Sales Systems implementation; Software and Website Develpoment.

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Accounting Software Solution

The accounting function is key to leading businesses to success. Computerized accounting solution centres accounting data as tiny file and secures it under password and user access right control. Through quick and real time reporting, it offers information as basis for taking critical business decision. Having successfully implemented number of projects for clients nationwide, it is easier than all other things for us to module and support your accounting function with the aim of simplifying task and saving your efforts.

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Retails Solutions

At Shieldsoft we offer complete point of sale solution to Pharmacies, Restaurants & Pubs, Boutiques, supermarkets and all other retail points. Because we believe point of sale operation differ from one industry to the other and businesses are exposed to challenges and risk of their industry, we offer industry specific software but not a blanket retail software type. We present three (3) different software applications, each for Pharmacies, Restaurants & Pubs, and general retail business.

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Website & Software Solution

At Shieldsoft we believe a webpage is the gateway for the public to every business, hence it must be friendly, appealing and of professional touch. We don't only focus on businesses contact with the external environment but we also aim at saving and minimizing efforts required for internal daily activities. To ensure our clients' operates under such conditions and optimize their output, we combine modern tools and technologies to build and manage custom software and webpages